These high school students deserve attention. Slovakia will be represented in Mexico

Translated from Slovak.

Do you still remember what you did with your free time when you were 15 years old? Or what are you doing now? Was it wandering out with my friends? Books? Series? Music? Well, high school students from Žiar nad Hronom, Bratislava and Liptovský Mikuláš, who will represent Slovakia for the next month in Mexico, fell in love with robots. They called it Aurel.

The robot, who has created a sophisticated sockets of free time in his spare time, is winning the First Global competition with this year’s theme of “Renewable Energy Production”. Like Martin, Adam, Tomas, Oliver and Viliam, as well as other contestants from 150 countries of the world will want to enchant the jury and to meet the conditions of competitions as soon as possible (their “goal is to highlight the impacts of using different forms of electricity generation from wind, solar after conventional methods “ ) thanks to the thoughtful design, design and programming of the robot.

Our representatives in the field are no beginners. They participated in several national and international robotics competitions such as FIRST Lego League (FIRST) and some of them represented Slovakia in Washington, with the support of the US Ambassador to the United States last year. And how does Aurel look like?

Our ambassadors’ ambitions are really high, and while this competition is just “playing” in the world of robotics, they want to take full advantage of new technologies in the future. In their viewer there are programmer languages, quadrocoptery, OpenSource solutions, Smart Home or aeronautics.

Young robot enthusiasts look for your support. “By showing young people learning how to communicate, collaborate and jointly find solutions using science and engineering tools to address the world’s greatest challenges – water, energy, medicine, food and education – they will learn how to work together, trust and you become part of a truly global community, “ writes the site First Global.