Ukrainian schoolchildren entered the Top-20 strongest robotics of the world at the international Olympiad FIRST Global Challenge

Translated from Russian.

As we reported earlier, last week in Washington, the world’s Olympic Games in robotics FIRST Global Challenge took place. As a result of the competition, a team of Ukrainian schoolchildren consisting of Igor Zhukovsky, Inga Manzhulenko, Mikhail Koreshkov and mentor Nadezhda Vladykina entered the top 20 of the world’s strongest robotics teams, taking 19th place out of 163.

Note that each team represented its own robot to perform more than fourteen tasks that participants developed for the engineering academies of the United States, Britain and China.

“At the FGC Robotics Olympics, we saw how robotics technology affects global problems,” said Oksana Stoetskaya, the head of the organizing company, a partner of the FIRST program and the founder of the Robotica festival.

– Preparation and participation in the FGC showed what knowledge and competence it is necessary to teach modern youth. How important are the skills of communication and diplomacy in the relations between the teams. At the FIRST GLOBAL Challenge, 163 teams from 153 countries of the world, having combined their efforts, demonstrated high engineering professionalism and readiness to solve global problems. ”

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