Young robotics scientists who excelled in competitions were awarded by President Pavlopoulos


Translated from Greek.

The President of the Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, today awarded the robotics teams that were distinguished in competitions during an event organized by the eduACT non-profit association eduACT at the XANTH building in Thessaloniki.

Mr. Pavlopoulos was guided at eduACT’s premises and spoke with volunteers and small scientists who presented his achievements.

The President of the Republic awarded the teams, irobot, Robotics academy, Legomaniacs, who won winning titles in the FIRST LEGO League 2018 RWE competition and traveled to America, Estonia and Hungary.

He also awarded the FIRST Global national robotics team that represented our country for the first time in a global event in Mexico as well as 65 volunteers without whom no action would have been taken.

Pavlopoulos praised the work of eduACT and addressed people to her that “what you do is both pioneering and literally emblematic. You’ve taken the initiative to bring your generation, the new people close to cutting-edge technologies. I must acknowledge to you, the young people and all those who have the oversight of this effort that you express excellence in multiple ways. The way people choose, the meritocracy, the way you continue to work within a framework of noble rivalry, proves that you do the work of excellence everyday. “

“Techniques related to Robotics help many people to show off their abilities. Secondly, you are not just the expressers of Excellence. You help through the research that you make in order for others to apply Excellence in practice because through Technology the conditions are created for people to develop skills, defend their value, cultivate their personality. You help people start from the same starting point and have equal opportunities. This is the essence of excellence and equality, “he added, adding:

“Technology and, above all, robotics is useful when it is the therapist of man when it is assistant to human fulfillment when it helps man not when the technology will be able to cure man.”

“Throughout the world we are living the fourth industrial revolution, it has already begun and the question is whether we will be able to be ready to respond to the fourth industrial revolution. We need to prepare properly and the action and education organization has as its primary objective to help children of whatever economic and social level, to be able to prepare for technology literacy and develop their talents, “he underlined the president of eduACT, Costas Vassiliou.

The eduACT event featured the action “Battle for their Dreams”, in which refugees, minority children, juvenile offenders participate in innovative educational programs. They also gave the “present” children from the Lighthouse of the World and Father Athenagoras who participate in the actions of eduACT.

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