Tristan – The Boy Inspiring Other Kids with Autism

Tristan is a young man passionate about robotics. He also happens to have autism.

For Tristan, autism isn’t something that holds him back. Instead, it’s an opportunity to be uniquely himself while making a difference in his own way. And that’s a message he wants to pass on to others, too.

“I want to inspire other kids that it’s okay to have autism,” he said.

When his team, Gearhead 12265, signed on to represent Canada in the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge in Dubai, he was excited. It was a chance to take his passion to a new level and make friends along the way.

He set out on a mission to spread smiles and positivity wherever he went. Part of that included visiting as many team pits as he could, getting signatures and collecting souvenirs from fellow participants. It wasn’t long until he was known throughout the arena, his Canadian flag covered with names and buttons.

His passion for robotics had provided an avenue for him to excel. Despite the challenges that come with being on the autism spectrum, he was representing his nation on the world stage alongside hundreds of other bright students from all around the globe.

“Autism can never and should never stop people from doing what they want to do,” he said. “Be who you are and go find your passion.”

Worldwide it’s estimated that one in 160 youth has an autism spectrum disorder. Youth like Tristan, who are just as capable as any of their peers. All they need is the chance to be themselves.

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