“To me, FIRST Global means more than just a STEM challenge, it means an opportunity. Not only an opportunity to learn more about STEM and robotics, but an opportunity to develop and prepare myself for the future.”

–Ruth, Team Nigeria 2020

“Through FIRST Global, we have learned so much more about STEM and have acquired significant life skills. We recognize that our world is constantly filled with challenges, and we want to thank FIRST Global for providing us with the tools needed for us to use to overcome them.”

–Team Albania 2020

“Through the great opportunity that FIRST Global offers us, we are able to meet people from multiple nations, make friends, and dream together in the language of science. Our competition unites us. Cooperation, fellowship, and friendship prevail among all the participants, regardless of gender or race.”

–Team Cuba 2020

“We may not be able to understand each other’s languages, but we have a common goal, which is to use STEM to make the world a better place. The FIRST Global Challenge uses robotics to create a platform where STEM unites the youth.”

–Jared, Team South Africa 2020

FIRST Global is important because it teaches young people and their community what can be done and accomplished with STEM. Thanks to FIRST Global, young people have the opportunity to show the world their fearless imagination and creativity. Together, we are able to make big and incredible changes that will make our world a better place.”

–Zo-hary, Team Madagascar 2020

“The FIRST Global Challenge has been nothing short of a life-changing experience for me.”

–Ronav, Team India 2020

“This is an extraordinary opportunity to promote science among girls in my country. I want to show the world and young girls my age that robotics also concerns girls.”

–Anushree, Team Mauritius 2019

FIRST Global did not just remind me of the importance of technology in our lives, it also reminded me of the importance of humanity, unity, peace, and the beauty of diversity.”

–Shouq, Team United Arab Emirates 2019

“It is important for the world to continuously work together on important issues. FIRST Global opens our eyes to the possibility of technology when we work together to solve the issues that we all know exist, but that seem hard to solve independently.”

–David, Team Denmark 2019

“This competition has made me aware of my potential, and I hope to extend my knowledge and inspire other students like me.”

–Sonam, Team Bhutan 2019

Opportunities such as the FIRST Global Challenge ignite the flame of innovation within thousands of students each year. Young people of the world are creating the future as we will live it. Thank you to FIRST Global for reminding us that we have to not only pay attention but we have to play our part. One by one, we will light the flame for others to follow.”

–Team Belize 2019

FIRST Global is necessary to prove to young people that STEM is not a boring area, but a path to the future. FIRST Global has impacted me to the point I could say I’m a different person now, a better version.”

–Carlota, Team Venezuela 2019

“The most important thing we learned from the event was through the help we were given unselfishly; the kindness and the way the teams communicated showed us that the key to this event is not how we are pitted against each other, but how much we are here for each other.”

–Team North Macedonia 2019

“Science and robotics have broken geopolitical borders and brought international students together to sing a song of friendship.”

–Team Iran 2018

“By providing us with STEM tools, we develop ourselves, transform our communities, and fight global challenges.”

–Ibrahim, Team Chad 2018

“I have learned that we can change the world together.”

–Team Uzbekistan 2018

“At the end of high school when I was first introduced to robotics and FIRST Global, I only realized then how STEM was accessible to me and how I could implement it in my real life, how I could use technology, as a teenager, to change my communities and change the face of my nation.”

–Barbara, Team South Africa 2018

“The FIRST Global Challenge is not a competition — it is truly a place to show how people are always united to make the world better.”

–Thiri War War Thein, Team Myanmar 2018

“Support for STEM is extremely important, not just for the advancement of any one of us, but for the advancement of all of us. It’s important that we can all move forward together and the way through that is with technology.”

–Kai-phoenix, Team New Zealand 2018

Robotics changed my life and opened my eyes to a whole new world.”

–Alejandra, Team Nicaragua 2017

“Before FIRST Global, I had a worldview that was very small. After taking part in the competition, I saw the world is SO big! Truly it has been something very, very beautiful and my life has done a 180 degree turn.”

–Daniela, Team Honduras 2017

“A prime example of STEM fostering world peace.”

–Team Saint Lucia 2017

[FIRST Global] allowed me to go beyond my limits, to widen my field of vision, to discover the beauty of values ​​such as fair play and group work. I now understand what it’s all about and why we should all work as a group for the advancement of a community.”

–Francois, Team Haiti 2017

“Competitions like that of FIRST Global are important for us as students because they incentivize us and they give us encouragement to allow our brains to think and develop the abilities and capacities that we didn’t know we had.”

–Melissa, Team Honduras 2017

“At a time when people are building walls, FIRST Global is helping build bridges between countries and communities.”

–Timothy, Team Canada 2017