Young Uzbeks will participate in the World Robotics Competition

Translated from Uzbek.

The representatives of Uzbekistan are among the young robotics technicians from 180 countries around the world at the FIRST Global Challenge competition held in Mexico City, Mexico, on August 16-18.

This event is held annually in various countries, with young people from all over the world looking to find solutions to the global challenges of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the West called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) .

On the official website of the event, the Uzbek team describes itself as “a very young country on the border with five Central Asian states and in the heart of the region”. “Our country is rich in natural resources, it has a large automotive industry and a wealth of agricultural land,” the team said.

“In recent years, science and technology innovation in education became popular topics for the whole country. The year 2018 was named as the year of Innovation Development, by the President and the Ministry of Innovation Development established as the governmental body. Now it is our turn to wave our flag in the international competition and we aim high!” said the team members.

The team of Uzbekistan consists of five participants from different parts of the country.

Hoymon Haydarov, a 16-year-old from Navoi, wins the republican stage of the young inventor’s contest in 2018 and wants to bring in innovations in production and governance.

“Five years ago, when I learned to make an electronic crane through a YouTube video, I enjoyed technology. Then I built a smart ventilation system, Arduino multimetry and a mobile refrigerator, ” he said.

Muhammadamin Umarov, 17,   is from the capital. She studied at the Shavkat Vakhidov International Aerospace School in 2012 and successfully took part in the prestigious Golden Globe in Kyrgyzstan competition. He says he has been modeling since the age of 5 – the first time he built his car model.

Another designer of the team is Bunyodbek Zaripov , 18, from Horezm. Bunyodbek participated in various competitions and exhibitions in Uzbekistan, from his childhood, “carrying his own horseback riding” and “learning the damaged equipment’s equipment and assembling new pieces of equipment from them.”

Team manager Nodirjon Yusufov graduated from Turin Polytechnic Institute in Tashkent this year. Nodirjon, who has been studying at the West Virginia University through the International Exchange Program, says, “I like science and I think it’s a key to solving global problems.” Therefore, he is a fan of the Uzbek youths with a great passion for science.

Davronbek Tashpulatov is instructing the team. She took part in the robotics competitions, in particular the Central Asian Robotics Challenger, leading Robo-Technics at the Turin Polytechnic Institute where she studied.

According to the members of the team, the organizers of the event are organizers of the event, including the Director of the Department of Science, Education and Production, Olimjon Tuychiyev.

For information, Olimjon Tuychiyev was appointed by the President Shavkat Mirziyayev in June 2017 as Deputy Director General of the Science and Technology Agency. Later, Tuychiyev started working at the newly established Ministry of Innovation.

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